Organize your space in style

Patented design, recyclable plastic, functional lock system, 38 colour options... Aykasa is here to make your daily life easier!

As the exclusive distributor of Aykasa in the United Kingdom, our products exist to make home organisation easy and aesthetic. Designed with function, style and sustainability in mind, Aykasa hosts a range of affordable, eco-friendly recycable storage crates. Available in a vast amount of colours, sizes and designs, customers can choose the item that best suits their space and style preference. Customisable, foldable and multifunctional, Aykasa offers creative space-saving products.


Eco-friendly, durable and lightweight

Environmental impact is at the forefront of Aykasa products. Setting them apart from other plastic crate designs on the market, Aykasa crates are made from 100% raw recyclable materials, that are BPA free and comply with all FDA, BGA and food standards. Sustainably made and free from any harmful substances, they’re highly durable, hygienic and safe for children. Putting the needs of the customer first, they can be used for a variety of storage needs without concern.

Aykasa offers a fully transparent production journey, whereby each product is made with sustainably sourced materials and crafted by factories that comply with manufacturing standards and regulations.

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